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Baklava Sweets

Baklava with pistachios

For a dessert that can be found in so many places, it’s amazing how rare it is to find a high quality version of baklava sweets. Yes, baklava may be everywhere, but an authentic recipe is a rare find indeed.

So, why is this so? We believe that all too often, shortcuts are taken in the cooking process. Many baklava bakery shops don’t know exactly what types of honey, nuts and flavorings go into traditional, authentic Middle Eastern baklava and sweets. Others simply won’t go to the trouble to acquire the ingredient needed for a true flavor of the Middle East, or don’t believe their customers can tell the difference.

Once you’ve had a baklava or sweets treat from Mid-East Pastry Delight, you’ll never go back to inferior substitutes. Our baklavas and other sweets are made with only the finest, freshest and most authentic ingredients for a taste sensation that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States.

Other Traditional Middle Eastern Sweets

Awamat, a middle eastern dessert

Zalabia is a puffy, light fritter, popular in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. What makes these Middle Eastern sweets unusual is the wonderfully sweet syrup that is soaked into the fritter. The pastry itself is a yeast-based batter that is fried in hot oil. The warm fritters are dipped in a tangy, sweet syrup flavored with rose water, orange water and lemon juice for a taste that can’t be beat.

If you like donuts, you’ll love our Awamat sweets. The light dough is fried in very hot olive oil until it’s delightfully crispy on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside. It’s then coated with a sweet syrup. This Lebanese treat is traditionally served in celebration.

Our delectable Macaroons sweets are universally loved. The moist yogurt dough is simply addictive. Once you taste a lip-smacking Macaroon or sweet Baklava pastry from Mid-East Pastry Delight, you’ll be hooked!