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Traditional Maamoul Cookies

Maamoul cookies with dates

These Lebanese cookies are a rich treat that are sure to impress! Also known as mamoul or mamool, it is typically served for special occasions such as holidays.

Some have compared the flavor of maamoul to shortbread. It is made by pressing a buttery dough into a wooden mold, which is typically decorated with an elaborate carving. This carving makes a beautiful impression on the cookie, and also identifies the filling. Like other Middle Eastern sweets, it features walnut, pistachio or date filling, which is placed into the mold and enveloped by the dough.

Orange or rose flower water gives this cookie’s filling its extraordinary, delicate flavor. The cookies are removed from the molds for baking, and are later dusted with confectioner’s sugar.

Mid-East Pastry Delight proudly offers four scrumptious varieties of maamoul:

  • Date-filled – made with semolina flour, butter, rose water and mahlab
  • Pistachio – the same delicious cookie, filled with sweet pistachio filling
  • Walnut – crunchy, hearty walnut filling
  • Medd – made with cream of wheat flour and any of the three fillings

Order for someone you love, or just indulge yourself with these tasty, traditional desserts from Mid-East Pastry Delight.

Storing Middle Eastern Sweets

Even without loads of preservatives, freshly baked pastries can last a decent length of time with proper storage. Most of the Middle Eastern sweets you order at can last a couple of weeks at room temperature, if sealed tightly in an air-tight container. This prevents the pastries from drying out, and keeps the filling moist and flavorful.

If you wish to extend the life of your baklava or other delicate pastry even further, these desserts can be refrigerated for up to two months and can be kept frozen up to six months.

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