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Middle Eastern Desserts

Zalabia, a middle eastern dessert

For the nut lover, there’s much to love about the treats at The crunchy goodness of walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, pistachios and other nuts are featured heavily in our selection of Middle Eastern desserts.

Pistachios are a popular nut choice for many people, and we answer the demand with a huge selection of pistachio cookies from which to choose. Read on to learn more about how this flavorful nut is put to use in our pastries.

Pistachio Cookies Delight the Senses

Mini pistachio karebej

Only the finest ingredients are used to create the Middle Eastern desserts you see here at From the ghee, right down to the flour we use, every ingredient used in our desserts is the best available.

Many of the pistachio cookies offered at Middle-East Pastry Delight feature full-flavored Turkish pistachios. Turkish pistachios are smaller than California pistachios, but many prefer the flavor of the Turkish version. This savory, aromatic nut is used in a variety of pastries with surprisingly diverse results.

Pistachios feature prominently in the ever-popular Baklava from The fragrant, tasty nuts nestle between delicate layers of fillo dough in a heavenly syrup in this perennial favorite.

Turkish pistachios pair with Kataifi dough to make our Bussma Party Squares a sensational dessert, and fill a shredded wheat shell in our Burma Circles. Fillo and Turkish pistachios unite in the delightful Bird’s Nest Cookie. Other cookies that feature pistachios include Ballouria, Pistachio Karebej and Maamoul, as well as many of the delicate petit fours made here.

Discover the amazing range of flavors in Mid-East Pastry Delight’s delicate pistachio nut desserts. Order a tray with a selection of nut-filled treats and sample the best of the Middle East. And, by saving your ordering information on our ordering page, you can sign in easily and order quickly and easily, time and again.

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