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We’ve all seen the stereotypical, so-called “gourmet” food baskets in the piles of catalogs that show up during the holidays. Slick packaging, mysterious multi-syllabic ingredients and impersonal service are among the hallmarks of most gift manufacturers. It’s usually hard to tell when or how an actual gourmet might have been involved in the process.

So many food basket gifts these days are cold, sterile-looking, pre-packaged foods that appear never to have been formed by human hands. We at Mid-East Pastry Delight believe you deserve so much better.

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Better than Food Basket Gifts

Mid-East Pastry Delight uses only the finest, freshest ingredients to create all the authentic Middle Eastern desserts you see in our online bakery. Each morsel found in our selection of items is superior to typical food basket gifts; each is lovingly prepared, handcrafted and arranged for you and your guests’ enjoyment.

There’s never a bad time to send or receive handmade sweets, and these exotic treasures are just as at home at an intimate private party as they are at a large corporate event. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby and wedding showers, condolences, thank you and congratulations, or even your own personal pleasure … there’s always room for fine food from the Mid-East Pastry Delight bakery.

Think Outside the (Chocolate) Box

We’ve found the cure for the common chocolate craving: fresh-baked goodies from Mid-East Pastry Delight.

Surprise that special someone with an assortment of indulgent sweets that goes well beyond the bon-bon. Handmade gift trays such as Mid-East Pastry Delight’s petit four selections, cookies or mixed trays are a step above most gourmet food baskets.

Delicate, sumptuous pastries are perfect for the romantic occasion when you want to give someone an unusual luxury. Flowers wilt and die and aren’t suited to everyone’s taste, and chocolates may come across as unimaginative. Let us help you cut through the clutter with memorable delicacies from the Middle East.