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Most businesses that send out holiday, special occasion, or recognition gifts want nothing more than to delight the recipient with something he or she will truly appreciate. However, it can be difficult to find business gift ideas that are of high quality and good taste, and yet still stand apart from all the rest.

Among the most popular non-edible business gifts are clocks, tote bags, mugs, pen and pencil sets, calculators, and other office accessories. Common corporate food gifts include wine and cheese baskets, fruit baskets, coffee and tea collections, and cookies.

Sweets are popular with the recipients, who appreciate these tasty indulgences and enjoy sharing them with others in the office. However, for a sweet treat that is fresh, distinctive and will be truly treasured and appreciated, look to Mid-East Pastry Delight. We’ll help you make a big splash with your business gifts by providing freshly baked pastries, delivered quickly to the delight of your recipients.

Beyond Typical Corporate Food Gifts

A present from one company to another, or to individuals within a company, can be so much more than a simple gift. Great corporate food gifts also have the potential to make a valuable impression on company decision makers. Distinguishing yourself or your corporation with an especially thoughtful gourmet food gift more than pays for itself in the goodwill it engenders.

If you’re looking for business gift ideas that are a notch above the standard fare, look no further than the mouth watering mixed trays and cookie selections at Authentic Middle East desserts from Mid-East Pastry Delight are the most delicate and sweet pastries available in the United States and your gift recipients will always remember your unique presentation.

Our desserts are sure to please any palate. Choose a standard or custom mixed tray, each featuring an impressive array of authentic handmade pastries of the Middle East.